May. 22nd, 2006

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Title: I Shouldn't Know
Author: [ profile] hopefulnebula(
Rating: G
Summary: River's response to [ profile] big_damn_quests round 1, challenge 4: What in your life are you proudest of?
Disclaimer: Blah blah don't own blah blah blah not profiting from this blah blah. Not that FOX deserves Firefly.

Post-movie, and it quotes a line from it, but it's not overly spoilery.

Also, I know this is quite late. I just moved from school to home for the summer, so writing hasn't been top priority for me, but I wanted to get this done.

I hear things others don't. )
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So. Since it's Monday, it's time for challenge #3. [ profile] calliopes_pen will be posting the signup for next month's round in the next couple of days; we ony have three challenges this month because I was so late with signups for this round. My apologies to anybody disappointed by this. We're getting things worked out, though.

The question: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why?
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Title: Heroes
Author: [ profile] hopefulnebula (
Rating: G
Summary: Saffron's answer to [ profile] big_damn_quests round 2, challenge 1: "Who did you look up to most as a child, and why? Do you still admire them?"

You expect me to say I've never looked up to anyone, don't you? )
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Title: Not My Finest Moment
Author: [ profile] hopefulnebula (
Rating: PG, but only if you speak Mandarin
Summary: Saffron's reply to [ profile] big_damn_quests round 2, challenge 2: "What moment in your life has caused you to feel the greatest amount of shame?"

I could be rich right now. )


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