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Title: No Time to Retire
Author: ceslas
Characters: Malcolm Reynolds
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Post BDM
Challenge: Round #8, Challenge #1--Do you imagine yourself ever being able to retire? Describe what your ideal retirement would look like.
Disclaimer: Firefly owns me, I own words

Do you imagine yourself ever being able to retire? Describe what
your ideal retirement would look like.


Retire? Now that is a right funny notion in my mind. What’s a body to do with nothin’ to do? ‘Spect I’ll keep flyin’ until the end. No place ever has called me to settle on it since Shadow. Home is here, free to go where ever Serenity can take me. ‘Spose there may be a day when I won’t be able to make it around this old bird. Not right sure what will happen then. Maybe land her in a nice quiet spot and build a little cabin, spend my last time just lookin’ at her, remembering.


Been a good life, some days better than others, but the balance seems to be going to the good now. Good thing too, crew is needful of that. To long things weren’t going smooth. Got past the worst of the storm I’m thinking. Course, I been wrong on that count before. But I got reason to be more careful now.


Little Kaylee and the Doc seem ta have found a way ta make a family between them, hell, they got me to thinking it is all right too, kids and all. Zoë’s been holding her own, finding her way to contentment. Not every day is easy, but she’s still here, still fightin’ for it. My merc is the real surprise. Been finding he ain’t what I thought. Finding a man there who may conceive of right and wrong. Been makin’ it right with our little Albatross. Couldn’t a made me bet on that ever happenin’. Still wake some days expectin’ that to turn into somethin’ none of us will live through. Ain’t never seen two fightin’ tools like that not take out all them around ‘em. Half wonderin’ what will happen then.


Finally got that dark haired angel to be mine, finding how to work and live each giving up pieces to get to the more important ones. Took a right unusual person to tell me that… Who’d a conjured a man who spent his life killin’ and whorin’ would be able ta see somethin’ real and solid like ‘Nara and me… Never a dull moment, no time ta retire with that…







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