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Title: Retirement
Author: [personal profile] razycrandomgirl
Character: Hoban Washburne
Rating: G
Question: Do you imagine yourself being able to retire? Describe what your ideal retirement would look like.
Disclaimer: I own not these characters.
Author's Notes: Thanks so [profile] ceslas for taking a peek before I posted.
Word Count: 194
Comments: Craved. Con-crit always welcome.

Do you imagine yourself being able to retire? Describe what your ideal retirement would look like

Well, I love to fly. It’s hard to imagine a day when I won’t be able to. I’ve fooled people into paying me to do something I love. Something I’d do for free. Of course I didn’t say they pay me well but then again it’s not about the money. The perks are great! I get to fly this beautiful Firefly everyday. Serenity is gorgeous! The Captain’s a little … -twitches hand-
That’s good sometimes. It makes for interesting flying. Plus the first mate is hot! She sleeps with me when ever I want, which is whenever she wants, which is a lot of the time. And she married me, which I don’t know how I pulled that off.
And Kaylee is the best mechanic the verse could offer! She talks to Serenity in ways I only wish I could. Over all it’s a pretty sweet deal I’ve got and I don’t plan on retiring anytime soon so… 
Though if circumstances ever demand a retirement: I’m thinking a nice little planet with clear skies and a naked beach.
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