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round 7, challenge 1, River Tam

Title: Define It
Author: frodolyn
Character: River Tam
rating: pg
Question: #1) What non-living thing are you most attached to, and why?
Non-living. Define living - define alive. Full of life, interest, vitality- If alive is to feel and think for yourself, move, laugh, love, cry at your own bidding. Then the narcissism - (narcissus - the greek whose face could not love him back )- the narcissism that has been said to survive below the surface  takes hold by the throat (to suppress, repress, stifle - Constriction of the body part so as to cut off the flow of blood or oxygen).  I'm quite attached to myself thank you.


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oh River!

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I second that.. o River darlin' you are very much alive!