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R7C1, R7C2, R7C3, R7C4

Title: Compilation Author: ceslas Characters: Jayne Cobb Rating: PG Spoilers: Post BDM Challenge: Round #7, Challenge #1,2,3,4Disclaimer: Firefly owns me, I own words

What non-living thing are you most attached to, and why?


Well that ain’t no com-plex question… Anyone can tell ya it’s Vera. Jeesh, ya think ya reporter  types would have better questions ta ask a body.


After Vera… hmmm, hat my Ma knitted fer me. Made outta her heart, ya know? A man’s Ma says a lot about a fella. Don’t trust a man whose Ma don’t like him. She don’t like him, he ain’t done right by her and I figure that says more’n anythin’ else. Pretty simple really. Do right by yer Ma. That’s all I gotta say.

Do you believe in ghosts or the supernatural in general? Why or why not?t


I ain’t never seen nothin’ that makes me believe in ghosts or such. Little Kaylee gets all nervous sometimes, says she hears thin’s, but I think that’s jus’ her thinkin’ stuff ain’t what they are. Used ta wonder ‘bout the Reavers, weren’t nothin’ natural ‘bout them. Found out ‘bout that there stuff in the air on Miranda, made ‘em go all crazy like. Wonder still if maybe we weren’t breathin’ the same stuff. Some days the killin’ is easier, a job will get ta shootin’ that might not a needed ta. I ain’t mindin’ the shootin’, just think it feels too easy sometimes is all.

Shepherd was a man a’ God, seems like that means he believed in somethin’ super-nat-ural. I went ta church as a boy, did as a boy s’posed ta, prayed and all. But I ain’t right sure ‘bout it. No harm in prayin’, but I ain’t one ta go and start thinkin’ to much ‘bout it. I take care a’ my girls, they take care a’ the rest a’ us.

What was that? Any person got super-nat-ural skills? Well, I can shoot a man’s eye out at 500 yards with no scope using most any rifle if I gotta, further if I got a scope… Better shot ‘en Mal though he wouldn’t want ta admit it. Zoë may be quicker, that woman knows what’s what ‘afore any soul should. But Little Crazy Person now, yeah, she got somethin’ I ain’t never seen before. She fights all dance-like. Tiny thing like her can just melt away and reappear durin’ a fight. Never seen anythin’ more beautiful ‘en her swirlin’ through a room full of bad guys. She and I, well, we fight well together I guess ya could say. Just know which way she’s gonna go and fill the empty space. We ain’t got no need ta talk ‘bout it or say nothin’ durin’ a fight. It’s all manner a’ creepifying ‘cording ta Mal. Zoë told me it was like watchin’ somethin’ chor-eo-graphed or somethin’, the way we fought. I dunno, just know where she is gonna be, what I gotta do, and she knows in return. Mal mutter’s that it’s like we were readin’ each others mind. I dunno, I just do what needs ta be done I guess. Maybe we got somethin’ connected there, but I ain’t got the answer ta what it is rightly…

Do you have anything that could be considered a "guilty pleasure"? If so, what?


I don’t know that I would call it guilty or not. A man like me got a life that don’t usually last to long, so I figure on enjoyin’ it whilst I can, make good sport o’ it ya might say. Eat when I got the urge, sleep when I need ta, but I know what yer thinkin’, that ain’t the question yer askin’ is it? Right.

Time was I would take trim every time we hit planetside fer long enough. Weren’t no reason not ta, I knew places most moons we landed on, hell, worked security at most of ‘em. Girls were nice and soft, accomodatin’ ya might say. Never did have no trouble that way. Sometimes had ta help one or t’other out if’n they got in trouble with a fella. Few got in a mother way that weren’t plannin’ on it. Never one a’ mine, no how! But I knew some a’ the girls and I helped ‘em out when they asked ya know? Seemed like right ta do. I ain’t never told anyone ‘bout that though. Mal would get his britches in a twist, go ta thinkin’ I weren’t careful round the girls. He wouldn’t think I would go ta helpin’ a girl if’n I weren’t res-pon-sible.

Don’t know as this is answerin’ yer question though. I guess I don’t feel guilt ‘bout much no more. Live clean, don’t mess with folks that ain’t worth messin’ with, do what needs ta be done. Got a life I like now… a girl a’ my own, a home, a place I belong, nothin’ ta call a guilty pleasure there, it ain’t guilt… dong ma?

If money was not an object, would you ever visit a companion? Why or why not? If you yourself are a companion, please answer the question anyway (since a companion could theoretically visit another one, assuming it's not against guild law).


Time was I woulda said hell ya! See what all the fuss were ‘bout. Always thought a good workin’ girl was good enough, but ain’t never had the coin ta find out. Sure are purdy lookin’ things them Companions. Not just purdy like a nice whore, finer like, smoother. ‘Nara ain’t like any girl I ever bedded, not sure if’n she may not be too slippery. Woman like her, think it might be to easy ta break ‘em or somethin’, do somethin’ wrong and they may get all huffy ‘bout ce-re-mony and such. Seems like sexin’ is sexin’, not some gorramn mystery.

Now? No, got no need ta find out, got me somethin’ better. No way someone who don’t know my life, where I been could be worth the coin just fer sexin’. Maybe I ain’t like I used ta be, but I got me better now.

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Great answers! Definitely sounds like Jayne in each one.