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Round 7, Challenge 3, Mal

Title: Conscience and choice
Author: [ profile] woodsong_1978
Character: Malcolm Reynolds
Rating: PG-13
Question: #3) Do you have anything that could be considered a "guilty pleasure"? If so, what?
Disclaimer: I have no rights over the character or person of Malcolm Reynolds.
Author's Notes: I'm sorry these are so late, RL intervened, but I'm all caught up now...
Warnings: Rampant slash
Comments: Craved. Con-crit always welcome.

Pleasure ain't pleasure if you're going to waste time feeling guilty over it. Way I see it, you're feeling guilty, means you're doing something you believe is wrong. Not something anyone else thinks is wrong, because that's a judgement every man or woman's got to make themselves. Fair few things I've done I'm well aware more than one of my crew believes wrong, but the most of those ain't things I've done for pleasure.

Guess there's one thing an observer could maybe think could be classed as guilty. Me, I got no guilt regards it, and he don't either, but I know for sure Jayne thinks I should feel guilty over it. Could be Kaylee feels the same, too, but she had her chance, and I ain't about to let my chance slip right by me over again. Stood back and waited once, let him make his choice, though he took his own sweet time to make it. Got maybe a little guilt on that one, seeing as he told me I was standing far enough back he didn't even realize he had more than one choice to make.

Got no guilt regards the pleasure, though. From catching that light in his eyes, feel of his skin under my fingers, sight of that smile, taste of his kiss, knowing he gets every bit as much pleasure from it as I do - no, got no guilt on that.