Mar. 10th, 2006

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Welcome to Big Damn Questions! In this group you will answer challenges as a Firefly character. Your moderators for the duration of your stay here are [personal profile] hopefulnebula and [personal profile] calliopes_pen.

If you haven’t read the user info page, please do so now. Pretty much everything you need to know is explained for you. This includes the way that we will do the rotation of characters. If anyone has any other questions as they apply, please feel free to ask.

Currently, all characters are free for the taking. Please make sure that if you wish to claim more than one character (two is the limit) that you know you will have the time to write the answers of each character for both challenges. Those applying may only have one main character, however.

Keep in mind that if you don’t get the character you are itching to write for, you’ll have a new chance to apply at the beginning of each month.

Below you will find the application. Please reply in a comment with your character applications. If someone has taken your first choice, you’ll be given your second choice. It depends on how quickly characters are taken.

E-Mail Address:
1st character choice:
2nd character choice:
Group Suggestions/Questions:

Please feel free to advertise as much as you wish to in your own journals. That’s the best way to get more people to join.

As people sign up, a list of taken characters will be edited into this post.

Inara Serra: [profile] browncoat_2x2.
Saffron: [profile] m00nbrain.
Malcolm Reynolds: [profile] _lady_lilith_
Kaylee Frye: [personal profile] the_girl_20
Simon Tam: [personal profile] noneofyours
Wash: [personal profile] calliopes_pen
River Tam: [personal profile] hopefulnebula
Jayne Cobb: [personal profile] rabid_x
Zoe Washburne: [profile] bellehiver
Shepherd Book: [personal profile] lvs2read


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