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Title: High
Author: [livejournal.com profile] ceslas
Characters: Jayne Cobb
Rating: PG
Challenge: Round #4, Challenge #4--What is your biggest pet peeve.
Word Count: 144
Disclaimer: Firefly owns me, I own words
Warnings: none

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Peeve! You want my pet peeve? How about that high and mighty doc and how he looks down on us that didn’t come from his world. That just gets me all irritated like. Would like ta be showin that hun dahn what makes folk worth treatin right. Sure ain’t fancy clothes or cultrified schoolin. Nah, whinges me but good when a fella like me who makes his livin all honest like…well, mostly honest like .
And Kaylee. I look at how she gets all hot and bothered over the doc and he barely gives her a look. Ain’t right ta be such a chûnrén to a pretty little girl like that. If she were all that lubed up over me…weeellll, ain’t no way I’d be turning her down, ya know?
Yeah, that would be my biggest pet peeve.


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