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Round 7, Challenge 4, Mal

Title: Illusion and reality
Author: [ profile] woodsong_1978
Character: Malcolm Reynolds
Rating: PG-13
Question: #4) If money was not an object, would you ever visit a Companion? Why or why not?
Disclaimer: I have no rights over the character or person of Malcolm Reynolds.
Author's Notes: This one's actually been written for a while, but I really wanted to get the rest done before posting it!
Comments: Craved. Con-crit always welcome.

Would I ever - what kind of huāng miù de question's that meant to be? One of my crew put you up to this? You taking hints from my tenant here?


Look, it ain''s not the money. Got no grudge against those choose to spend their hard-earned that way, but it ain't for me. Ain't much left in this 'verse ain't been sullied some kinda way. Affection - love, even - that's pure. Ain't something you can fake. Ain't something you should fake.

A whore, she'll sell you her body, her time, nothing more. Simple transaction to ease a man's needs. Or a woman's, come to that. No pretense about it.'s all fake, careful illusion, weaving a web of pretty lies 'til you can't see straight, don't know what's real and what ain't. She'll sell you a shiny dream, right enough. Be tempting enough to take, find some ease, maybe lose yourself for some hours, but come morning? Dreams fade. Nothing left but a fuzzy head, few loose memories and a need for more restful sleep.

No, don't sit right with me, that manner of goings on. Love - it's got to be from the heart, or it ain't worth a gorramn thing. Don't matter how much you pay for it.

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Great job. This is exactly how I'd expect Mal to answer and it sounds just like him.